Vera Walker Interiors

“Mark, I came out of your session much more educated about the service I want to provide, who my customers are, how we are going to find each other, and what my brand and brand essence is ... and lots more. Thank you!”

Vera Walker - Owner and Managing Director

Research Now

“Mark is a very experienced consultative marketer and a joy to work with. We got many new and often unusual ideas for lead generation which proved very successful and opened many doors.”

Konstanze Just - Former Global Marketing Director


“Hi Mark, It was a great job done today. I’m really pleased that we managed to get our first video published. It’s starting to feel like things are finally coming together. Thanks for all your hard work.”

Lucy Wakefield - Founder - Calmia.com


“Hi Mark, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the workshop you delivered for our biggest client. We all found it very insightful.”

Ross McPhee - Head of Multichannel

Blue Latitude Health

"You communicate through stories and metaphors. They are always colourful, evocative and memorable. Slipping down a bank clutching at nettles to describe the descent into schizophrenia was the one I’ll remember most."

Fred Bassett - Chairman and Founder

Boomerang Medical Communications

"Mark, I wanted to thank you again for helping us in delivering this workshop in Basel today. It was a great success, and we collected good insights for us to work on the solution."

Pascal Kerhervé - Digital Strategy Director

"I have known Mark for almost four years, and wish it had been longer, and that during this time we could have spent more time working together. 

For those of us working within health services, I think it is rare to come across someone whose ideas and thinking are always worth listening too, but in my experience Mark's thinking is always worth paying close attention to. 

Whether in relation too his understanding of the digital world and social media, or his empathetic grasp of patient experience, there is never a wasted word. 

The freshness and clarity of his ideas has repeatedly stopped me in my tracks, and critically afforded a reappraisal of what I was hoping to achieve; waste of time and resources is minimised, whilst a sharper focus for the work comes into view. 

In that sense, whatever the project, he is able to allow the spirit of the work to flourish, and not be drowned in current fashion or policy. 

My work in e-Mental Health has been so usefully reshaped thanks to his support, many will obtain the benefits. 

It is hard to capture to how this mixture of imaginative thinking and real world pragmatism helps a project move forward, successfully, but if you want a project or your work to take a leap forward in terms of quality and effectiveness, I can think of few others that can help as Mark does."

Richard Graham - Former Chief Psychologist - Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust 

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