How much do the workshops cost? ... 1% of your annual turnover.

  • Sole Traders from £500
  • Micro businesses from £2,500
  • SMEs from £5,000

The PARELA Smart Marketing System is delivered through one or more workshops that explore the chronological stages of customer engagement.

Most businesses face challenges at one of these stages and you will receive a brief questionnaire to complete before we start.

1% of your annual turnover

The workshops have been designed to cost the equivalent of just 1% of your annual turnover, whatever that might be.

Sole Traders

For example, if you are a sole trader with annual revenues of £50k, your workshop will cost £500. In two half day sessions, we will cover all of the main elements of the system and focus on what you can do quickly and easily to have the biggest impact on your business. I will record it for you to review later.

Micro Businesses

If yours is a micro business employing between 5 and 10 people and turning over around £250k then the cost will be approximately £2,500.

In these circumstances we will conduct a workshop for each stage of the PARELA process and go into more detail. We might also involve more people.


If yours is a business employing more than 10 people and turning over £500k then the cost will be £5,000. This reflects the additional time we will spend together brainstorming with your key team members and stakeholders.

Free Consultation

I offer a free 30-minute initial consultation over video conference.

During that, I can tell you how the system works and what the workshops include.

We can also explore some of the challenges and opportunities you face in your business.

If you are the boss, it can be a lonely and daunting role. It can often help to discuss your inner-most concerns with someone not too closely related with your business. In complete confidence of course.

We can then decide if the workshops are the right solution for your business.


Arrange a free 30-minute consultation