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The PARELA Smart Marketing System


Mark Walmsley

Mark Walmsley - Marketing Consultant

I am a brand, marketing, digital and business development consultant with over 20 years' international experience in a range of industries in businesses large and small.

I've distilled this expertise and experience into the PARELA smart marketing system to provide marketing strategy development and marketing management solutions for entrepreneurs, start-ups, micro businesses and SMEs.

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The PARELA System


PARELA is my proven smart marketing system based on the chronological steps of customer engagement delivered through one-to-one or group workshops, over video meetings which are recorded and shared.

As an option, I also offer tiered, outsource marketing management services to businesses who lack the time, expertise and/or resources to do this in-house.

The System

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“Mark, I came out of your session much more educated about the service I want to provide, who my customers are, how we are going to find each other, and what my brand and brand essence is … and lots more. Thank you!”
(Vera Walker - VW Interiors)

“Mark is a very experienced consultative marketer and a joy to work with. We got many new and often unusual ideas for lead generation which proved very successful and opened many doors. ”
(Konstanze Just - Marketing Director)

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